Official MusicFest Artist

MusicFest 2020 Debut

Aaron Watson
Years at MusicFest:
Red Bandana (2019), Vaquero (2017), The Underdog (2015), Real Good Time (2012), The Road & The Rodeo (2010), Angels & Outlaws (2008), Barbed Wire Halo (2007), San Angelo (2006), The Honky Tonk Kid (2004), Shut Up And Dance (2003).

Aaron Watson isn’t interested in what someone else thinks he should do. Instead of getting lonely as he sidesteps expectations, he’s gaining followers – hundreds of thousands of them. Delivered with a warm smile and fueled by a wild spirit, Watson’s rebellion echoes the land that helped make him. With a legendary work ethic, Watson is a modern-day vaquero—he just gets up at 5 a.m. to wrangle songs instead of cattle. His new album, Red Bandana, is an epic statement – a collection of 20 songs all composed by Watson himself. It’s a gutsy move in step with how he likes to do things; not following fads or chasing trends. It’s the next stop in a long and successful musical journey, marked by songs, albums, and a career far too vast to detail but that has made a deep personal connection with the people that matter the most – his fans. Watson is Watson, chart-topping or not. Get ready for a snow driven performance at The MusicFest.