Official MusicFest Artist

Coley McCabe
Years at MusicFest:
Shotgun (2019, with Thom Shepard), One of These Days (2016), I’m With U (2014, with Thom Shepherd), Coley McCabe (2012)

Coley McCabe is an award-winning singer-songwriter hailing from West Virginia. She has performed numerous times on the Grand Ole Opry. While on RCA Records, her song “Grow Young With You” was featured in the Natalie Portman/Ashley Judd film, “Where The Heart Is.” Her writing credits include the award-winning group SheDaisy and legendary Loretta Lynn. She also starred in the feature film “Alabama Love Story.” She and her husband Thom Shepherd currently travel the world together, telling their stories and singing their songs that make people laugh and cry. Both artists were writing for Nashville publishing companies in the same building when they met. Their first date was a Deryl Dodd show at the Blue Bar in Nashville on April Fool’s Day, 2011. They relocated to Texas in 2015 later that year and were married by “Elvis” in Las Vegas. Coley’s engaging stage presence and seasoned songwriting set her apart from the rest. Expect to see these talented singer-songwriters in some intimate performances at MusicFest’s acoustic venues together and solo.