Official MusicFest Artist

Kaitlin Butts
Years at MusicFest:
Same Hell, Different Devil (2015)

Kaitlin Butts’ self-proclaimed “mess” of curly red hair and an Oklahoma-sunshine-bright smile captures audiences’ attention the moment she steps on the stage. A declaration that “we’re gonna get to know each other real quick,” followed by an ornery grin, hints that there are stories to be told. And tell them she does, with a sound that is fresh, original, and rich in the traditions of country music. She tells stories about love and fun, and stories of heartbreak. Her delivery is refreshingly uncontrived, which is a welcome relief for those who crave the honesty and sincerity that seems to be missing from some of today’s country music. Her sometimes colorful banter keeps audiences smiling. Her debut album, Same Hell, Different Devil is the result of taking these stories down the Red-Dirt rabbit hole known as the Boohatch Studios, with legendary Red Dirt Oklahoma artist and producer, Mike McClure. In the summer of 2016, Kaitlin was awarded “Best in Country” by the Oklahoma Gazette Awards as well as the 2016 “New Female Vocalist of the Year” by the Texas Regional Radio Music Awards. Catch her out on the roads of Oklahoma, Texas, and beyond along with her beloved road dog Hank, happily riding shotgun. Whether solo or in a MusicFest song-swap including the new specialty show “Married to Music”, Kaitlin’s stand out performances are always the buzz on the mountain.