Official MusicFest Artist

Ray Johnston
Years at MusicFest:
#GoesGoodWith (2016), No Bad Days (2014)

Ray Johnston built a solid foundation over the years based on melodies and lyrics that lean on the positive side of life. His first album, No Bad Days,  not only put Ray on the map as a genuine songwriter and artist but also stands as a shining example of how much music fans gravitate to his special brand of “happy.” The success of his first album is not only the result of a growing fan base, but also seven singles on the Texas Music Chart, over a quarter of a million streams online and significant national exposure. His feet-to-the-pavement work ethic securing national music placements and a growing tour schedule certainly exposes a sharp mind, but at his core, Ray is all heart. Be sure to catch his return to the mountain this January. Only at MusicFest.