7 Tips for Making the Most of Your MusicFest Experience

The MusicFest Emcee Anne Hudson shares the inside scoop
Posted by Sam Wilkinson Category: News

Get ready for the most fun week! Load up on that Vitamin C and get yourself hydrated

because you’re about to have the best time on (and off) the slopes. After 18 years at The MusicFest, I’ve learned a few things and I’m here to give you that insider knowledge. Take note of these pro tips.

  1. Take Care of ID Checks ASAP

You only have to get your ID checked once, and you can get it done as soon as you arrive. Take advantage of that to avoid lines on the first night! 

  1. Wear Your Wristband

Keep that Dickson Productions–issued MusicFest wristband on at all times. It’s your ticket into every show. You don’t want to lose that, or you’ll be screwed!

  1. Keep Your Phone Charged

You’re going to want to download the official MusicFest at Steamboat mobile app to see the festival schedule. Enable push notifications to get important venue updates (you can turn it off when you leave).

  1. Plan Wisely

It’s impossible to do everything. Shows overlap, so plan your day of shows in advance!

  1. Show Up Early

Some venues are smaller than others and may reach capacity, so get to your favorite shows early (but not too early; no need to show up before doors open). Otherwise, just know you may have the “one-in/one-out” situation! If you do, don’t stress. Pull out The MusicFest app and take a look at what other shows are happening at the same time.

  1. Be Open to a Backup Plan

There are SO MANY fun shows—don’t get PO’ed if you can’t get into a certain show. Not sure where else to go? Just head to the tent… it’s always so much fun!

  1. Shop ’Til You Drop

There’s so much fun merch. Plan some downtime to stop by the General Store at The MusicFest

Village and shop! (Plus, the bars, venues, and restaurants are close by!)