About The MusicFest

Does it Really Get Any Better Than MusicFest?

The MusicFest draws thousands of ski-lovin’, music-lovin’ folks to the snow swept peaks of Colorado each January.

The largest group ski trip of its kind in the nation, the MusicFest brings the finest Texas and Americana music to the world-class ski resort of Steamboat, Colorado for a week full of sport and song. The festival boasts a stunning roster that includes both legends and rising talents alike.

Dickson Productions has over 40 years of experience as the premier travel package provider. With Dickson Productions working on your behalf, you can hit the slopes and also get tons of music favorites at wholesale prices. All lodging accommodations for the MusicFest are located ski-in/ski-out or within minutes of the mountain base, and participants personally choose all the options.

Want to walk out the front door onto the slopes? A hot tub on the back porch? A slope side luxury suite or a penthouse? A MusicFest stage in your lodge or steps away? No problem – it’s all part of building your exclusive MusicFest package, the vacation of a lifetime. There’s every level to choose from to satisfy your taste in lodging, music, and price for the ultimate Rocky Mountain vacation experience.

“I’m obsessed with this festival; it’s magical.”

Wade Bowen

After a day on the slopes, what really happens at Musicfest?

The MusicFest has long been heralded for its jam-packed schedule of events and concerts. Over 200 hours of live performances take place during the MusicFest, an amazing opportunity to see as many great Texas and Americana artists as you can handle (and those are the “planned” performances).

Shows are held in a multitude of diverse venues including a stage resembling an old barn/hunting lodge, a huge dancehall/tent, an intimate pub, an old saloon, a luxurious ballroom and an upscale country club setting complete with plush seating, and a fire place (a “must” experience)!

No matter your style of music or setting to experience it, there’s a venue for everyone’s likes. Whether you’ve come to kick up your heels and party all night, or prefer to soak up the music in an intimate seated setting (or anything in-between), MusicFest has you covered. Drift from one venue to the next, or just sit back and enjoy that ONE special venue that fits your style with like-minded friends – that’s the beauty of MusicFest – a truly unique and exceptional sporting and musical experience with one thing in common; a grounded and REAL experience with a community that embraces its lifestyle and state of mind.

“MusicFest is probably the coolest music festival out there. The atmosphere, artists and just the all around vibe is unmatched by any other festival I’ve been to!”

Rylee F.

From Beyond

From MusicFest Founder/Organizer – John Dickson

We are honored that the 43rd President of the United States of America has provided words that express the importance of the arts and the preservation of music in relation to this festival. Such accolades serve as an important reminder of the magnitude and positive impact furthered by MusicFest and the artistry that it embraces. We reach out to our elected officials to support the creative spirit of the independent music and to recognize organizations such as the Center for Texas Music History.

John Dickson
Dickson Productions

Jason Woody – US Army

My name is Jason Woody. I attended last year’s Big Music Cruise and had one of the best experiences of my life. Unfortunately, I am currently serving in Afghanistan and will be unable to attend this year. I have enclosed this American flag, which was flown over my base, to go on the cruise in my place. My hope is that you will take it along and display it in remembrance of those fighting for freedom. The many different events that Dickson Productions arranges are perfect examples of what America is all about, and I would gladly fight for the rest of my days to ensure such freedoms are always available. We are living in a dangerous and ever-changing world. With conflicts abroad and a dismal world economy, celebrating what we do have with our friends and family becomes even more important. This year’s event looks to be as exciting and fun-filled as those of the past, and I wish everyone a great voyage. And while you’re engulfed by the beauty of the sunsets and basking in the rays of the sun, please take a moment to look at this flag and know you live in the greatest nation on earth, and remember those that defend it. God willing, I will see you all at Steamboat this coming winter.

With Highest Regards,
1LT Jason K. Woody
US Army / Konduz, Afghanistan

From the “Governor”

Welcome to the MusicFest at Steamboat! The last time I was here, I drank a glass that, apparently, contained my girlfriend’s contact lenses. This irritated her but it did give me some new insights into myself. One of the things I learned was that MusicFest is a great way to raise hell and awareness at the same time.

Whether on the stage or on the ballot, independent voices are rare enough in this increasingly homogenized world. It’s not terribly surprising that many of these voices emanate from the Lone Star State. Deep in our hearts, all Texans are independent. In music, this has manifested itself in the rugged, righteous individualism of artists such as Willie Nelson, Waylon Jennings, Bob Wills, Buddy Holly, Billy Joe Shaver, Townes Van Zandt, Guy Clark, Jerry Jeff Walker, Doug Sahm, Ray Benson, Lyle Lovett, Robert Earl Keen and Cross Canadian Ragweed to name only a few. Some are dead and some are living. In my life, I’ve loved them all. Not sexually of course.

If I were governor, Texas would be run by musicians instead of politicians. We may not get a lot of work done in the mornings, but Texas would be a better place. Steamboat already has most of our musicians of course, so Colorado doesn’t really need any help. Wish I could be there, but somebody’s got to mind the store.

I ran a spiritual campaign for governor, not a political one. In the words of my spiritual adviser, Billy Joe Shaver, “If you don’t love Jesus, go to hell.”

In the meantime, hang on tight, spur hard, and let ‘er buck. And may the God of your choice bless you.

Kinky Friedman