Are You a MusicFest Newcomer?

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Dickson Productions is constantly looking for new ways to improve the MusicFest experience while remaining true to the basic principles it was founded on – to provide a grounded and genuine experience. The MusicFest will not increase the number of participants without the addition of new venues, music and activities that would allow for greater capacities. We are committed to providing an authentic and genuine event. In order to do so, we must limit the number of participants. We appreciate your understanding.

In addition to the wide variety of MusicFest venues, we recently added  additional performances and new music venues, like the luxurious Sheraton Ballroom and the intimate and classy Steamboat Base Club. MusicFest performances can be found everywhere from the base of the slopes to the peak of the mountain. Whether you want to enjoy an acoustic performance at the rustic and intimate Dung Beetle Saloon or dance all night in the Big MusicFest Tent, there’s no shortage of good times at The MusicFest!