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Band of Heathens
Years at MusicFest:
A Message From The People Revisited (2018), Duende (2017), Top Hat Crown and The Clapmaster's Son (2016), Sunday Morning Record (2013), One Foot in the Ether (2009) The Band Of Heathens (2008) Live From Antone's (2008), Live from Momo's (2006)

Formed in Austin, Texas, The Band of Heathens became a band totally by accident. Songwriters Colin Brooks, Gordy Quist, and Ed Jurdi were all doing regular sets at Momo’s in Austin when they began sitting in with each other, eventually making the whole thing one big show that they called the Good Time Supper Club, which was essentially three singer/songwriters in the round backed by a solid rhythm section of John Chipman on drums and Seth Whitney on bass. What started out as a spontaneous side project soon became a full-fledged rock & roll band. Their latest album, A Message From The People Revisited, is their own version of the classic Ray Charles album “A Message From The People.” In a time where the downtrodden need a voice again, the Heathens have delivered the message paying homage to one of the most important voices in American song history.