Official MusicFest Artist

Bri Bagwell
Years at MusicFest:
In My Defense (2018), When a Heart Breaks (2015), Bri Bagwell (2013), Banned From Santa Fe (2011), Midnight Hour EP (2010)

Originally hailing from Las Cruces, New Mexico, four-time Texas Female Vocalist of the Year Bri Bagwell fell in love with music at an early age. When she turned 18, she uprooted herself and moved to Austin, where she quickly learned the art of live performance in many of the city’s clubs, winning over one live audience at a time. After graduating from the University of Texas, she released her debut record Banned from Santa Fe in 2011. In 2013 she released an EP of demos that she recorded during her time in Nashville and followed up with 2015’s full-length record When a Heart Breaks. In 2018, she stunned us again with the release of In My Defense, a collection of ten carefully crafted songs that give her fans an inside peek of how this girl chasing a dream for over fifteen years, has blossomed into the woman living those dreams. Her albums impressively showcase her songwriting talents, but more impressive is her grueling tour schedule boasting over 150 shows per year. Bri Bagwell’s brand of Texas country and flirty, yet tough magnetism undeniably rocks the house and rattles the walls strictly on her own terms.