Official MusicFest Artist

Casey Donahew
Years at MusicFest:
15 Years, The Wild Ride (2017), All Night Party (2016), Standoff (2013), Double Wide Dream (2011), Live-Raw-Real In The Ville (2009), Moving On (2009), Lost Days (2006), Casey Donahew Band (2006)

Though he seems like a natural when performing, Casey Donahew actually fell into music gradually. He grew up on a farm and his grandfather, who loved to play and sing, gave Donahew his first guitar. It wasn’t until college that he began writing songs. Soon after, Donahew began playing a regular acoustic gig at the Thirsty Armadillo bar in Fort Worth. Since those early days, this Burleson native has painstakingly carved out an impressive niche for himself in the country music scene, attracting a solid base of loyal fans. He’s topped the Texas music charts several times, released multiple albums independently, and forged a path all his own without the aid of a major record label. Casey fuses genuine, honest lyrics with contagious energy onstage which makes for an outstanding show. Celebrating fifteen years under his belt and just as many chart-topping singles to his credit, Donahew released the album 15 Years, The Wild Ride in 2017. He’s come a long way since those early days on that Armadillo stage, and he still loves to thrill crowds both big and small. Get ready for a unique and intimate music presentation with the Casey and Friends show, plus another special performance…only at MusicFest.