Official MusicFest Artist

Cleto Cordero
Years at MusicFest:
Homeland Insecurity (2019), Humble Folks (2016), Come May – EP (2015)

Cleto Cordero is the frontman and chief songwriter of the much-loved Lubbock-based group Flatland Cavalry. Originally from Midland, this young singer made his way to Lubbock; the home of his heroes like Buddy Holly, Josh Abbott and William Clark Green; as quickly as he could. In 2012, Cleto formed Flatland Cavalry along with his friend Jason Albers, the band’s drummer. The main songwriter on Flatland Cavalry’s sophomore full-length album, Homeland Insecurity (2019), this Lubbock local says the album has an appreciation for all the sharp detail and high-spirited emotions of today.  “All the songs, I’ve thought of them as snapshots,” says Cordero. Cleto and Flatland Cavalry straddle that line between town and country out in the rich soil of the Panhandle and badlands of West Texas. While many great songwriters have come before him, few can capture the humble, earnest folks who inhabit the land like Cleto Cordero. Easily recognized in his signature hat, expect to see Cleto in shows across the majestic mountain, both with Flatland Cavalry and solo.