Official MusicFest Artist

Dalton Domino
Years at MusicFest:
Songs from the Exile (2019), Corners (2017), 1806 (2015)

For Dalton Domino, music was always present. The way artists of all stripes, from punk rockers to traditional country artists, could convey a simple or complex truth with a simple turn of phrase caught his imagination from an early age. Creativity and an appreciation for song has been an evolution for Domino. He’d written albums before, but when he sat down for nine months last year and began piecing together what would become Corners, Domino’s latest and inarguably most soul-baring effort yet, things felt different. The album is at times lyrically somber and sordid, honest and transparent, but always anchored by sumptuous grooves and melodic mastery. Born in Memphis, Domino was raised on a steady diet of varying musical genres, ranging from George Jones to Elvis Presley and Jerry Lee Lewis. He proudly recalls his grandmother walking around the house singing church hymns. As a teenager he gravitated towards the punk-rock scene, playing in bands, drawn in by the speed “and the rawness of the lyrics.” But not until he moved to Lubbock, however, and started frequenting the Blue Light in the city’s historic Depot District, did Domino find his true voice as a songwriter. Catch this incredible songwriter in several performances across the mountain this January including the “806 Crew” specialty show.