Official MusicFest Artist

Doug Moreland
Years at MusicFest:
Bring Back the Swing (2015), The Flying Armadillos (2012), Stand (2011), Barnstormer (2009), Doug Moreland (2006), Everybody Knows My Name (2004), Toast to Life (2001)

Originally from the mountains of West Texas, Doug Moreland settled down in Austin at the turn of the millennium as a fiddler, songwriter and woodcarver. Being the eldest son of a colorful wainwright, blacksmith, and fiddle-playing ranch hand, Doug left his nest in Fort Davis, TX in pursuit of a music degree, setting the stage for a short stint as a fiddler and funny sideman for dinner theater entertainment in Ruidoso, New Mexico. He then set out to tour the country with various acts, eventually settling back in Texas to write his own songs and front his own band. Doug gradually developed his band it into a unique, western, swing band with his wit and charm playing along with the instrumentation of twin fiddles, mandolin and the upright bass. And if not enough, Doug presents another rewarding outlet for his creativity: chainsaw carving! He picked up the saw 16 years ago, and advanced rather quickly from the start. He is self-taught, with a keen grasp of proportion and a remarkable knack for caricature. Much like his music, Doug has customized his art to his own unique fashion. Doug Moreland is the host of the Doug Moreland & Friends: Fireside Songs – a nightly song swap friends in the Steamboat Base Club. He will also perform great swing shows throughout the mountain-side. From western swing, cowboy poetry, to the humorous “Toast with Doug,” Moreland brings a variety to the mountain and the many diverse MusicFest stages.