Official MusicFest Artist

Jeff Crosby
Years at MusicFest:
Postcards from Magdalena (2017), Walking days (2015), All Nighter (2014) Jeff Crosby (2011)

Born and raised in a sleepy mountain town in Northern Idaho, singer-songwriter Jeff Crosby has managed to delineate the sometimes amorphous genre of “Americana”, package it perfectly, and deliver it to his listeners time and again. His songs present almost as pages ripped out of an intimately personal diary, detailing the rugged beauty of what it means to have loved, lost and kept on the move. There seems to be no shortage of inspiration as Crosby is one of the last few “troubadours” that truly lives the life he sings about. There are many artists out there mining America’s rich musical history and shaping it into their own experiences and observations, Crosby and his band have struck gold.