Official MusicFest Artist

MusicFest 2020 Debut Artist

Josh Ward
Years at MusicFest:
More Than I Deserve (2018),  Holding Me Together (2015), Promises (2012), Hard Whiskey (2007)

An anchored mindset has led this rising star from a drifter’s adolescence, to the jeopardous game of the rodeo circuit, to the punishing toil of the Texas oil fields, and into the fickle arms of the music business. Some might argue whether it is having nine consecutive #1 hit singles in Texas under Ward’s belt that has garnered him staying power, or that he is killing it in the social media world with over 2 million views on YouTube and over 3 million streams globally on Spotify. While impressive, all those distinctions can come and go in the world of music. The reason for his staying power turns out to be quite a simple one. And that is because Josh Ward is country music blood to bone. We’re proud to welcome Josh to the 35th annual, knowing him and his band will be embraced fully by the MusicFest community. Watch this one folks!