Official MusicFest Artist

Kevin Fowler
Years at MusicFest:
Barstool Stories (2019), Coming to a Honky Tonk Near You (2016), How Country Are Ya? (2014), Chippin' Away (2011), Bring It On (2007), Loose, Loud, and Crazy (2004), High on the Hog (2002), Live at Billy Bob's (2002), One for the Road (2000), Beer, Bait and Ammo (2000)

Texas country singer-songwriter Kevin Fowler took a couple of years to take stock of his artistic career, launch his own record label, then write and record How Country Are Ya? the old-fashioned way. Fowler’s seventh studio album is the good-timing, tradition-steeped and honky-tonk-stomping Amarillo native’s return to basics effort. His 2016 follow-up album Coming to a Honky Tonk Near You featured his popular singles “Texas Forever,” a musical homage to the Lone Star State, and “Sellout Song,” which pokes fun at modern country music. However, the point behind each lyric, guitar lick, and twanging-rocking melody is the live show. Fowler has earned his reputation as one of the most amped-up concert performers to emerge from the modern day Texas country movement. Fowler stuck to his roots with his latest single “ Beach Please” with his twangy honky tonk sound and catchy lyrics. For those that have experienced Fowler onstage, then you know he brings unbridled musical muscle to the platform. He’s a dynamo – cracking jokes, hitting high notes, strumming his guitar and putting each of his fans in two-stepping mode. Fowler brings his iconic Texas demeanor and classic performances plus the new and warming “Big Cabo Fest” ( duo with Roger Creager) to MusicFest.