Official MusicFest Artist

Matt Skinner
Years at MusicFest:
Native Stranger (2014), Four Day March (2010 with the supergroup, Eleven Bones), Live at StoneCringe: Vol. I (2009), The Nighthawk Affair (2007), Four Winds (2001)

Matt Skinner’s lyrics capture the raw human spirit and come to life as he deftly weaves a colorful tapestry of songs and stories. His lyrics of love and danger are tempered with an infectious groove. The detail and imagery of each song is magnified by the intense electricity of Skinner’s powerful, road-worn tenor voice. He commands the stage with a presence that is spellbinding in its organic honesty and mercurial resonance. Each performance is a thrilling, emotional carnival ride filled with love, laughter, pain and heartbreak. Matt Skinner is a musician, singer, songwriter, artist, poet and traveler, blending original lyrics with elements of country, blues, western swing and roots-rock and roll. In addition to touring with his own band, Matt has toured internationally as a duo with Grammy Award-winning songwriter Bonnie Bishop. In addition to his own performances, Matt Skinner traditionally hosts the daily open mic sets at the Dung Beetle Saloon providing an outlet to the best fans and potentially opening the door to the next “must-see” genuine artist. Only at MusicFest, providing breakout chances for the newest and next big thing!