Official MusicFest Artist

Micky & The Motorcars
Band Members:
Micky Braun, Gary Braun, Josh Owen, Joe Fladger, Bobby Paugh
Years at MusicFest:
Across the Pond: Live from Germany (2015), Hearts From Above (2014), Raise My Glass (2011), Live at Billy Bob's (2009), Naïve (2008), Careless (2006), Ain't In It For The Money (2004), Which Way From Here (2002)

A lifetime of work has gone into getting Micky and The Motorcars to the forefront of Americana Music, where they currently stand. Micky and Gary Braun have been playing music their entire lives. The boys’ earliest memories are of watching their father play with his brothers in The Braun Brother’s Band. This laid the ground work for what was to come. After nine years, Micky and Gary went on to form Micky and The Motorcars while their brothers founded Reckless Kelly. For over a decade, the Motorcars have been touring the U.S., Europe, and Canada, releasing six studio recordings as well as taking part in the Live at Billy Bob’s Series in 2009 and recording a live album overseas in Heilbronn and Stuttgart, Germany titled Across the Pond. They have charted several Top Ten singles on the Texas Music Chart and had records spend an unprecedented seven months on the Americana Chart. Great music, along with a tireless work ethic, have been two consistent ingredients since the band’s conception. The future of Micky and The Motorcars will undoubtedly hold countless songs, shows and an unparalleled dedication to their fans.