Official MusicFest Artist

Pat Green
Years at MusicFest:
Trip Through Your Wires (2019), Home (2015), Songs We Wish We'd Written II (2012), What I'm For (2009), Cannonball (2006), Lucky ones (2004), Wave on Wave (2003), Three Days (2001), Carry on (2000), Here we go (1998), Georges bar (1997), Dancehall Dreamer (1995)

After rising through Texas’ college-town and dancehall scene years ago, Green earned himself major-label support in Nashville and became the poster child of Texas music for a whole generation of fans. His list of achievements includes over 2 million albums sold, three Grammy nominations and a sold-out Houston Astrodome. After releasing six albums in eight years, sending singles like “Wave on Wave” and “Let Me” up the charts, touring with powerhouses like Kenny Chesney and Keith Urban and dealing with accusations of “selling out,” the meat grinder of mainstream stardom proved to be too much. He was spent. “I felt so much pressure during the years I was with the big record labels to put out a record almost every year,” he explains. “There was a constant loop of having to be creative with new music, and that’s just not my style. I like it to happen when it happens.”Now, after breaking the cycle for a three-year recharge, Green is back in his comfort zone and playing by his own rules again. His is new independent album Home is his first set of originals in several years, and directly speaks to the hardcore fans that have been with him since the beginning.