Official MusicFest Artist

Paul Thorn
Years at MusicFest:
Don't Let the Devil Ride (2018), Too Blessed to be Stressed (2014), What the Hell is goin' on (2012) Pimps and Preachers (2010), A long Way from Tupelo (2008) Are You With Me? (2004), Mission Temple Firework Stand (2002), Ain't Love Strange (2001), Hammer and Nail (1997)

Thorn is the son of a Pentecostal preacher; gospel music was in his blood from birth and has remained a lifelong passion. Music wasn’t his first choice as a profession, however; boxing was. He fought professionally in the 1980’s. After retiring, Paul took to music, playing shows in Tupelo for $50 a night. This is where he soon met his longtime songwriting partner Billy Maddox, who had strong ties to the musical hub of Muscle Shoals. The duo began writing under contract for Rick Hall, owner of the legendary Fame Recording Studios, where Thorn cut demos of their songs. Though rock and roll shined throughout his earlier work, Thorn, with the release of his latest album, Don’t Let the Devil Ride, has returned to his gospel roots with the goal to lighten your load and make you smile as you listen. Something we can all appreciate on the mountain. be sure to catch his performance at The MusicFest 2020!