Official MusicFest Artist

Randall King
Years at MusicFest:
Randall King (2018), Another Bullet – EP (2016), Old Dirt Road (2013)

Humble beginnings, a cultivated work ethic and the influences of classic country legends, synchronized together in perfect harmony, make up singer-songwriter from the West Texas Plains, Randall King. Growing up a fourth generation hay-hauler, many of King’s songs are written and inspired by his deep southern heritage and family roots. King was raised listening to the rich and soulful, classic country voices of Keith Whitley, George Strait and Alan Jackson, to name a few, which helped create King’s musical style into what many have described as neo-traditional country. With a sound rooted in tradition and songwriting that showcases honesty, conviction and authenticity, King connects with fans on all emotional levels. Unlike the west Texas wind, King is a grounded and talented singer-songwriter who is sure to stay. Of his 2018 self-titled release, King says “There’s a lot of people that want country music to come back around, and there’s a lot of people that will say you have to sell out and play radio hits to make it. I think for me, I want to make my stamp as an artist with this record, that I can be me and still make an impact across the country.” Randall’s grounded country always delivers and is fitting for the MusicFest community.