Official MusicFest Artist

Randy Rogers
Years at MusicFest:
Hellbent (2019), Nothing Shines Like Neon (2016), Hold My Beer, Vol. 1 (2015, with Wade Bowen), Homemade Tamales (2014), Trouble (2013), Burning The Day (2010), Randy Rogers Band (2008), Just A Matter of Time (2006), Live at Billy Bob's Texas (CD/DVD, 2006), Live at Billy Bob's Texas (2004), Rollercoaster (2004), Like It Used To Be (2002)

Randy Rogers has burnt his brand into the Texas country seen deeper than most. The singer-songwriter, along with his band have been Named  “Top 10 Must-See Artists” in Rolling Stone Magazine, has appeared on Letterman, Leno, and Conan, and been nominated for Top Vocal Group by the Academy of Country Music. The bands 2019 release, Hellbent, is a statement that the band is not going anywhere as they celebrate their 20th-anniversary recording. Randy puts everything he has into his music and it shows with the refreshing, infectious, and innovative sounds that fill his bands’ records and live shows from start to finish. Come on down and celebrate Randy’s 16th year at The MusicFest as he teams up with his good friend Wade Bowen for a special full band Hold My Beer and Watch This performance (the show originating at MusicFest).