Official MusicFest Artist

Roger Creager
Band Members:
Roger Creager, Stormy Cooper, Lyndon Hughes, Rick Redfern, Allen Huff, Aleph Yonker
Years at MusicFest:
Gulf Coast Time (2015), Road Show (2014), Surrender (2012), Here It is (2008), Live Across Texas (2004), Long Way to Mexico (2003), I Got the Guns (2000), Having Fun All Wrong (1999)

Roger Creager is an adventurist; he does not like to sit still while the world passes by. Whether it’s climbing Mount Kilimanjaro in Africa, jumping off his boat to snorkel with wild dolphins, snow skiing in the Rockies, catching tuna 100 miles from shore, piloting his airplane to far-off concerts, spear-fishing around oil rigs, surfing in Costa Rica, running with the bulls in Spain or playing music through the Italian countryside, he tries to get the most out of what the world has to offer. All of this finds its way into Creager’s music and live shows. Those who get hooked on his charisma and high energy come back show after show, year after year, and record after record. Creager is very fortunate that his music career allows him this lifestyle. But he gives it back by putting his life experiences, infectious high energy and zeal for adventure right back into his songwriting and performances. Creager may travel the world, but he never strays far from his small-town South Texas roots. His latest EP “Gulf Coast Time” is certainly a slice out of Creager life. Creager grew up outside of Corpus Christi and has always maintained a love of saltwater. Be prepared to enjoy all sides of Creager’s talent including the iconic Piano man show, Big tent blowout and “Big Cabo Fest” duo with Kevin Fowler…only at MusicFest.