Official MusicFest Artist

Stoney LaRue
Years at MusicFest:
Us Time (2015), Aviator (2014), Velvet (2011), Live Acoustic Album (2009), Live at Billy Bob's (2006), The Red Dirt Album (2005), Downtown (2002)

Stoney LaRue makes real-life, thinking man’s music. So much country music today chases inexact images of imaginary roads leading to nowhere, allegedly ambling a pickup truck down dusty roads to some idealized, nonexistent party. The Texas native-turned-longtime Oklahoma resident has been chasing his own dream down many roads for a long time. He’s hit the occasional pothole that sidelined him for awhile, never veering from his internal call to chronicle life’s ups and downs. For his latest album, Us Time, LaRue decided to pay tribute to the fans that have supported him throughout his career. He compiled a list of fan favorites requested at live shows and on social media. He considers the album to be a collaborative effort with his fan base that “reflects the complexion of our time together in music, it is simply our US Time.” Independently charged, LaRue has sold over one million records over his career and plays 200-plus shows a year. His songs have seen the top of the charts, most recently his hit “Golden Shackles” from his One Music debut, Aviator, in 2014. Stoney’s rocking shows and captivating acoustic performances are MusicFest favorites.