Breaking the Ice with William Clark Green

Posted by Sarah Hearne Category: News

Q: Who are you and where are you from?
A: William Clark Green and I’m from Tyler, College Station Lubbock and Eastland TX

Q: We hear you might have a new album coming out soon. Can you give us any details?
A: Yes! It’s going to be called Hebert Island after some family property near Beaumont Tx

Q: Tell us about your cattle operation. We see the pictures on Instagram!
A: I wouldn’t call it much of an operation, I have 14 head, 7 cows, 6 calfs, and a bull. Im running a cow calf operation

Q: B-bear, your dog, has taken the Internet by storm; he is now possibly the cutest groupie on the road. How did you come up with his name?
A: My last heeler was named Abear after my grandmothers maiden name “Hebert” which is pronounced “A-Bear”, so naturally the next dog had to be. “B-Bear”

Q: What’s one song you never skip on your playlist?
A: I go through phases, but I have never skipped a Guy Clark song

Q: Where do you hope to see yourself in 5 years?
A: Ha no clue. Hope to still be in a bus! Ha

Q: Would you rather deer hunt or duck hunt, and why?
A: Duck hunt, just what I’ve always done

Q: Who are your biggest musical influences?
A: #1 Willis Alan Ramsey #2 Guy Clark #3 Lyle Lovett

Q: What is your spirit animal and why?
A: That’s a question someone else needs to answer

Q: Who stays up the latest on the bus?
A: Wolfman Cameron, he is always howling at the moon…

Q: If you could be an artist of a different genre, what would you choose?
A: If I wasn’t doing what I’m doing now I would be a mechanic

Q: You reference three different cities as your hometown – which is your favorite?
A: Tyler/Flint will always be home. But I love them all

Q: What are three things you can’t live without?
A: Food, water, and shelter

Q: Y’all stay very busy touring. What is your favorite part about live shows?
A: Meeting people who are impacted by your songs. That’s my favorite part. That’s what songs are designed for

Q: What is your favorite thing to do at MusicFest?
A: Everyone listens. That’s my favorite part. It’s about songwriting.