The MusicFest Magazine Winter 2017-2018 Issue

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Want to know the answers to:
  • What festival has been labeled The “Super Bowl of Texas Music” by fans and artists alike?
  • What is one of the best known Texas songs in the world (and how did it become so)?
    • Bonus: What MusicFest artist wrote (and sang) this song?
  • What MusicFest Artist is finishing their dissertation to complete a PhD in Musicology?
  • How many new (and very talented) artists are making their debut at Musicfest 2018?
  • Where did the title of Flatland Cavalry’s  recently released Humble Folks come from?
  • What MusicFest artist has a duet CD in the works that includes many other MusicFest artists?
  • What are William Clark Green’s and band members’ favorite top 10 Vinyl records?
  • Where can you listen to the “The MusicFest Radio”?
  • What nationally recognized magazines selected Steamboat as one of the world’s best ski towns?
  • What MusicFest band member is an award winning, world renowned instrumentalist? Hint: He has collaborated with Elton John, Bonnie Raitt, Bob Dylan and many more.

The new issue of the MusicFest Magazine will be hitting the streets this month! Look for it on magazine racks in venues, stores and college campuses across the southwest United States. The MusicFest Magazine is available online, just click here!

The Fall/ Winter 2017-18 Issue of The MusicFest Magazine will feature an article about the rising tide of artists by Jon Grossman, the MusicFest Artists’ Tribute to a Legend: Gary P. Nunn, the 2018 music lineup, the new stellar MusicFest venue and much more!