The MusicFest Venues

Diversify your fest experience by catching shows at each of the unique MusicFest venues

The MusicFest Outdoor Stage at The MusicFest Village

Imagine if you could ski to your favorite concert venue to witness some one-of-a-kind music with some of your best friends. Well, the Outdoor Stage hosting the Mountain-Sized Bonus Concert Series is just that! An environment unlike any other (at The MusicFest or anywhere else, for that matter), at the Outdoor Stage you can ski straight up to watch free festival performances. Located at the MusicFest Village and positioned with the scenic Rocky Mountains as the perfect backdrop, the Outdoor Stage often serves as some of the first music of the day for those who choose to hit the slopes. As one of the only venues during The MusicFest open to the public, the area acts a mingling place both for visitors and the year-round Steamboat Springs community. The venue first started as a mobile trailer that was hauled to the spot every year. After a few years it quickly became one of the most endearing features of The MusicFest.

The MusicFest Thunderhead Stargazer Series

Sitting atop a 3,000-foot scenic gondola ride, the Thunderhead Stargazer Series is a high-altitude affair and a true testament to The MusicFest’s dedication to one-of-a-kind music experiences in the heart of the Rocky Mountains. At around 9,000 feet above sea level, the Thunderhead Stargazer Series is among the highest elevation you’ll hear Texas Country and Red Dirt music. A peaceful listening room vibe makes the venue a great stop, whether you plan on accessing the Thunderhead trail or simply taking in the view of beautiful Steamboat Springs from a perch along Mount Werner. This venue truly earns its “stargazer” moniker. 

Dung Beetle Saloon

Don’t let the quirky name put you off—you’ll want to say you “hung at the Dung” after you experience the intimate setting and back-to-back lineup of the Dung Beetle Saloon’s acoustic offerings. This venue is actually an homage to a famed spot established more than 50 years ago at Hoffer’s Drive-In in Hallettsville, Texas, where locals used to gather after a long day, unwind with a few drinks and spin the yarn. Though the original Dung Beetle Saloon in Texas is long gone, the venue made like its namesake and traveled quite the distance with some help from Dickson Productions and The MusicFest. The venue’s offering ranges from intimate performances by some of the biggest names at the fest to a warm and welcoming daily open mic. It is, at its core, the essence of what The MusicFest is all about.

The MusicFest ON-AIR Media Lounge

Many music festivals have media lounges where artists sit down to do interviews with journalists, radio hosts and news outlets from around the world, but how many let you get up close and personal to watch these special moments as they happen? That’s what the MusicFest Media Lounge is all about—a rare opportunity to watch artists talk shop with people who live and breathe music and entertainment. Catch two of the best interviewers out there—KOKE FM’s Eric Raines and Real Life, Real Music’s Kyle Hutton as they chat here with MusicFest artists. In addition to the interview-based shows, catch some exceptional acoustic performances here throughout the day.

The MusicFest Stoker Sunset Shows

The Sunset shows at the Stoker bar are just a quick gondola ride away. After you travel up the mountain on Steamboat’s updated world-class gondola, let intimate song swaps and acoustic performances usher in breathtaking sunset views of the mountain as you enjoy a bite to eat. The experience serves as a perfect cap to a long day on the slopes and a toast to the beginning of all the evening festivities The MusicFest has to offer. 

The MusicFest Cabin at Timber and Torch

Fans who have been coming to The MusicFest over the last three decades know just how much the festival has grown and developed. And that includes evolutions to the beloved venue where it all began. When festival founder John Dickson first traveled to different ski areas in the ’80s looking for the perfect spot for his novel idea, “Buddy’s Run” was just a cozy little bar resting at the foot of Mount Werner. The spot served as one of two venues during the original MusicFest. Eventually Buddy’s Run changed to Bear River—the name by which most previous patrons will probably recognize this legendary spot that has hosted some of America’s greatest songwriters and newcomers alike. After a multimillion-dollar renovation effort from Steamboat Ski & Resort Corporation, Bear River became Timber and Torch, featuring an all-new interior and a lot more space. A venue by any other name would sound just as sweet. 

The MusicFest Dancehall at the Big Tent

The legendary MusicFest Big Tent is back and better than ever. The massive climate-controlled venue features a state-of-the-art sound system and lighting rig fit to host the most rocking live shows of The MusicFest in front of thousands of people. Every evening is a new slate of top-tier talent from the biggest names in Red Dirt and Texas Country and most MusicFest fans will want to make sure they make it out to the Big Tent for a party atmosphere you won’t find on any other mountain. One trip to the Big Tent and you’ll understand why they call it “the largest dance hall in the Rockies.” 

The MusicFest Grand Ballroom

The MusicFest experience isn’t complete without seeing a show at the Grand Ballroom. More than 5,000 square feet of luxurious ballroom at the Steamboat Grand Hotel holds some of the most moving memories of MusicFest history as host to the annual Artists Tribute to a Legend and many other “Only at The MusicFest” specialty shows.

PTom’s MF Happy Hour

PTom’s is a legendary spot on the slopes, especially for happy hour. And MusicFest patrons can experience a rotating lineup of stripped-down happy hour performances. A cozy bar and restaurant vibe welcomes festival-goers back from a long day on the slopes. Grab a drink, sit down, and swap stories—right up until one of The MusicFest’s vaunted songwriters plugs in and serenades you with acoustic renditions of some of the best Red Dirt and Texas Country has to offer. The music at Ptom’s MF Happy Hour officially means The MusicFest has the whole mountain surrounded with music!

Slopeside MusicFest Nights
After the sun goes down, the popular “roadhouse grill” and bar turns into a tuned-in and turned-up indoor venue. It’s the classic festival tavern, but plugged in. Join the party to enjoy great food and drinks while different performers put on rockin’ shows each night. The restaurant stays open late, so stick around for some fun singalongs with The Lucchese Late Night Lounge.

MusicFest Ice Bar Slopeside Grill On Ice

One of the most popular restaurants in Steamboat Springs, Slopeside Grill is one of the newest MusicFest venues. The family friendly, ski-in affair at the base of Mount Werner will host an ice bar outdoors and daily concerts for hungry festival-goers. Ski up and grab lunch and a drink with tunes and some of the best views. The annual Washers and Cornhole tourney for charity are located adjacent to these slopeside tunes.

The MusicFest Village (site of the NEW MusicFest General Store)

The Steamboat Resort’s major overhaul brought a brand new mountain base area, which during The MusicFest is transformed into The MusicFest Village. Gather in this open-air space to hangout, peruse the pop-up trailers (including the newest version of The MusicFest General Store), grab a drink, and of course enjoy live music at the Outdoor Stage. It will also be the site of the washer and cornhole tournaments (near the Slopeside Ice Bar), plus chicken drop bingo, which will raise funds for the local 4-H club.